We are proud to announce that we achieved zero waste from the production of our first collection. All leftover fabric was upcycled to create our hangtags.

Our clothes are made from a high-quality blend of 80% GOTS certified organic cotton and 20% GRS certified recycled cotton to have a positive impact on both people and the planet. Being 100% natural, cotton is biodegradable and kind to sensitive skin. It breathes well, dries fast and is durable to washing and ironing.

GRS Certified Recycled Cotton

Our closed loop recycled cotton is taken from pre-consumer waste fabric and re-spun into high-quality yarn that’s perfect for tees and fleece. By using recycled cotton, we are diverting this waste away from landfills and significantly reducing the emissions and water usage that is generated from using virgin materials.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

The gold standard of cotton. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton meets the highest ecological and labor standards of garment production. Grown using up to 90% less water than traditional cotton, and without the use of harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton prioritzes human and environmental health. Growing organically significantly reduces our GHG emissions while also protecting the soil and ecosystem it is grown in.


As an Asia based brand, we have chosen to keep our entire supply chain as close to home as possible to reduce our GHG emissions. Working closely with a factory in China that collects and recycles pre-consumer waste fabric, we are able to divert large quantities of fabric away from landfills and give them a second life. Our first collection is composed of 20% recycled cotton with the ambition of producing 100% recycled cotton clothing in following collections, in line with our vision of reducing our use of virgin materials. For future collections, we also intend to work with factories powered by renewable energy to further reduce our production carbon footprint.