At Dirty Manners, looking after the planet is our top priority. We can’t reconnect with nature if it’s not there, so we focus on looking after our environment and protecting it. We want to be able to explore for years to come. 


Our fabrics
We avoid virgin materials as much as possible and primarily try to work with GRS Certified Recycled Cotton. By using recycled cotton, we can extend the lifespan of a fibre that has already been created and reduce the impact on environmental resources needed to grow virgin cotton. This deadstock fabric comes from fashion companies that would otherwise put it in landfill, and we give it a new lease of life. 

When we need to use a new material, we always opt for GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, which can contaminate runoff water, causing harm to surrounding ecosystems. Organically farmed cotton uses nature-based solutions to manage pests and to build healthy soil, supporting biodiversity. We’ll always choose cotton as it is natural, renewable and inherently biodegradable.


Our production
We’re proud to say that all of our small batch collections are Asian designed and Asian made. As a Singapore-based brand it was important to manufacture as close to home as we could. We only work with ethical, accredited family-run garment workers in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. Each factory we collaborate with specialises in sustainable practices and does their part to help reduce waste wherever possible. All of our packaging is made using FSC-certified paper and soy-based ink. It is compostable and recyclable. We create our swing tags from our fabric offcuts.