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Our Story

In the rush of everyday life, it's easy to lose touch with the natural world. But those simple moments – feeling the sun on your skin, breathing in fresh air, or watching the waves crash on the shore – they have a way of bringing us back to ourselves.

At Dirty Manners, we're all about rediscovering that connection. For us, "Dirty" isn't just a word; it's an ethos of exploration – a mindset and lifestyle dedicated to shedding inhibitions, embracing the unknown, and remaining fully present in every moment.

Design Philosophy

We design versatile, enduring pieces that blend urban edge with outdoor utility. As a brand from and based in Singapore, where city life intertwines with sun-drenched beaches and lush jungle, our aesthetic reflects this unique juxtaposition. We believe in less, but better – crafting timeless silhouettes that seamlessly transition from city streets to nature trails, designed for the modern explorer.


"Sustainable" is a complex term in the fashion industry, an industry fueled by consumption and novelty — a challenge when considering the concept of sustainability. Instead, we choose to focus on becoming the best version of ourselves, always striving to minimize our environmental and social impact across the business. We believe every action, no matter how small, contributes to a more responsible future.

Minimizing Waste

Reducing textile waste is a never-ending puzzle we love solving. We meticulously optimize our patterns and find new ways to upcycle off-cuts into new items, like our hang tags.


We do our homework to ensure our certifications mean something. For organic materials, we only use fabrics certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), requiring a minimum of 70% organic fibers and addressing environmental and social considerations throughout the supply chain.

Recycled & Deadstock Materials

Giving new life to existing materials is paramount. Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified recycled fabrics are prioritized, and high-quality deadstock fabrics are actively sought out to reduce textile waste.

Innovative Biomaterials

We're always on the lookout for innovative biomaterials that can change the game. Our Recovery Collection, made from Skin Series enriched with seaweed bioactives, is a prime example – it's not just about wearing clothes, it's about nurturing your skin.

Fair and just labour

Every garment begins its journey in Singapore, transforming from concept to prototype before traveling to trusted vendors in Thailand and Hong Kong—small, family-operated facilities where skilled artisans - who have worked there over 20 years - meticulously bring designs to life. These long-standing partnerships, built on mutual respect and shared values, ensure each piece is crafted with care and expertise.

Compostable packaging

When it comes to packaging, we ship your orders in cardboard boxes made entirely from recycled materials, sourced locally in Singapore. Our stickers are made from 100% biocellulose, certified by SGS for 100% biodegradation, so there's no microplastic mess left behind.


In a world that rushes by, we offer a space to reconnect. Our community platform, Outside/In, is a gathering place for the curious. From climb nights to forest bathing, we create opportunities to explore new environments and ideas, and simply slow down. Stay tuned on our discord and socials for our next event.